15thFeb. × ’19

I appear when you least desire
about to step into a normal day
and you need now suddenly
(umbrella and gloves)

You do not control me
sometimes I slow down traffic
I am not magnanimous
like the sun always there

I am a sometimes surprise
and when you let me
you can hear nothing but
gentle undulations that would be

Forget the plan
hear the patter louder now
Come closer get wet
let go

You appear when I nearly forget
I cannot control everything (yet)
and suddenly I need
umbrella and gloves

Though you are cold and I am controlled
still you reign my sky
from time to time
mixing up what I have known

You dance above me
Is this your allure? Not to concede
to my craving for more? You just drizzle
Would you never be more?

You have no plan
you will not get louder
you have gotten me wet
I was hoping for more

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