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Jan. × ’16

Good morning snowflake
How kind of you to come
Have you been planning
for this journey long?
What was it like
falling along?
Did you speak
or just endure?
Did you suffer
or more enjoy?
And when you landed
did you cry?
Did the end come early?
Or just right?
Might we all
search the skies
and land so soft
seamless ride

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Jan. × ’16

Tempt me temper tantrum
take me to the place
where I am allowed
to scream and shout
all day long
let it all out
no space for gray
no control
no reality beholden to
but not alone
Some things are not meant to be
untangled broken headphones
necklaces of lost love’s
nightstands cluttered
Could’ve would’ve [...]

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Jan. × ’16

Sometimes words do not improve truth
Is it too much to ask
to keep the bubbles afloat
and know they are only bubbles
to bathe in the puddle
that might be just a reflection
to let yourself feel wet?

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Jan. × ’16

Did you read between the lines
think that same thought
wonder after each
sun glanced strand of light
on a memory you never had
somehow amalgamated
to this moment when you knew
I thought and you thought it too
And then the whole world
made sense
Fantasy of could have been
And if it could have been
perhaps it is
In a way we both know
impossible possibly
if we [...]

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Jan. × ’16

In our meeting
I wish I were an erector set
We could fit together so conveniently
You would see the way to build
I would cooperate with our hovel
not stall for the wider landscape
But we live in New York City
my brain is full of stories
Memories make us
If all our water spilled out
and we poured into a waterbed
Would you [...]

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Jan. × ’16

When first the world stormed
did panic arise over whether
it would ever
again be dry?
Never and ever
harbingers of
It’s gone to far
the argument should have stopped
a few turns ago but here we are
And then when
likely and often came
with their gray days
Did things improve
or worsen?
So much temptation
in calibration
Measured gradation
temperature taking
What has one foot and no leg?
A day of [...]

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Jan. × ’16

You mend your glasses
with acetone and cotton swabs
meticulous you can fix this
the tangible approaching fulfillment
almost inspired
almost satisfied
Oh the multitude of moments when
sense does not matter
though you wish it did
seesawed with moments when
sense surpasses
sweetness and its underpinnings
you wish had space to wander
Focus un-focus
turn twist
Carry on
pretty playground
obstacles unseen
possibility exists

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Jan. × ’16

Alarm bells sound
circumnavigation made!
Firework songs bait
the second hand to jump
ship departure vacation
Destinations shimmer
sadness abates
the year dissipates
like due
Tired passengers
recently arrived
on our Mobius strip
stop panning for gold
Ominous dreams of monotony
backed by the sunrise settle
care of gravity
Have we made it?
New frontiers beckon
Awake! Awake!

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