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Dec. × ’15

I wander down a stone path
city girl boots in the dark groping
gathering kale
my godmother grew in her garden
There is a full moon
and there are simple directions
Find the bucket
bring it inside
Some things are doable
though many things are not
Irreconcilable we search
for everything in its assigned place
Though we know there are no
assigned spots
Tonight the bridge sparkles in the [...]

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Dec. × ’15

You are crying inconsolably in the cafeteria
child after child has told me so
They flock to you with smiles and jokes
trying to undo what they do not even know
Unspeakable truths have e¬¬nsued
you told a friend who told an adult
and now more someones know and try to make space
to say he did this and that and someone [...]

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