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Dr. Ysaye Barnwell (of Sweet Honey in the Rock)

Feb. × ’19

This evening we strangers
sat before you
who led us in song
Like raindrops
lulled by higher force
we levitated
Let go
of everything other
than sounds around
If we fully could
perhaps we would
learn to fly

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Feb. × ’19

In the kitchen we waltz around one another
practiced routine of who does what
yet careful still to gently touch
Quiet comforts of
everything will be done
meal complete
tastes enjoyed
dishes washed
Do not ask
Will we dance this way
until we are old?
Just triple step
and let your faces touch

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Feb. × ’19

I appear when you least desire
about to step into a normal day
and you need now suddenly
(umbrella and gloves)
You do not control me
sometimes I slow down traffic
I am not magnanimous
like the sun always there
I am a sometimes surprise
and when you let me
you can hear nothing but
gentle undulations that would be
Forget the plan
hear the patter louder now
Come [...]

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Feb. × ’19

Some things are meant to be enjoyed
piece by piece
clear slow down
partition here
Always I heed
never have I placed the whole
orange in my mouth
at once felt the juices
rushing around
let the explosion
of tastes abound
Some switch
says regret
I would miss the piece by piece
What else have I missed like this?

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Feb. × ’19

So much always happens
all at once
an ambulance roars past
a child skips down seventh street
sirens blast
These things are unrelated
except for
In each breath
so much
we should see
but for where there is full
there is empty
Everyday could be the beginning
if you let yourself look
at it that way though
We could become
the echo chamber of forthcoming sound
not just sound itself
Remember joy [...]

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