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Jan. × ’19

Do raindrops know
they have landed in a puddle?
Do they ever discover
the ocean and hope?
Off in our own pools
Are we all waiting for a storm?
No trophy for staying put
At the beach I never stay
on the shore only toe in
All the way always
underwater wet
through and through
I want to melt
to have already
How do we stay in spaces
on the [...]

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Jan. × ’19

I was so excited for your first bath
recalling primary colored toys
soap suds and traced letters on my back
I did not consider
your startle response
the potential of water
the challenge of surprises
the fear of drowning
Until you started to scream
Should we have eased you in instead
put your tiny hand in the water first?
Or would we have become afraid of [...]

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Jan. × ’19

They stared at you
to tell them how it was
How long did it take
before they wondered
Can you recreate reality?
Surround sound, color, dimensions
Not just what we have now
Are we there yet?
And why in our loneliness
is this what we want?

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Jan. × ’19

Did whomever said it first
immediately regret it?
Were they trying to mitigate perfect and infinity
and fail?
Did they forget to look up
at the majesty of sky
while walking home
lost in the menial details
of the day?
Did they miss temptation
and get a tattoo they regret
of a parabola never meeting its axis?
Did they fall for a spurned lover wanting reason
they both [...]

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Jan. × ’19

If carries so much on its shoulders
If understands the pluperfect
although I do not
Does if wish it knew the answers
or does it feel open to possibility?
When it comes to loving
if is a reminder of threat
working against yes
And yet if itself
is an always
a constant
a possibility
a promise
a continuance
Stay in this moment
and if becomes yes

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Jan. × ’19

How many truths do you hold?
Is there one way you know it goes?
Or are there a few versions discussed
Inside more than anyone’s eyes
more than light can touch
If you took a photo of me
would you see more than
color than contrast?
Is there more?
What more do I want?

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Jan. × ’19

It has not fully dawned on me
that you will become
a full grown person
Strange enough that you are here
creature so capable
of creating so much
What will I feel
one day when I think I know you
better than anyone before
present from the moment you began
and yet so many daydreams away
We are all meanderers
on different journeys
no straight lines from [...]

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Jan. × ’19

You want to be used
How depressing
to spend time
waiting to burn
Perhaps though you think
you want to alight!
Maybe you do not believe in destiny
or have forgotten you are dead
We should be so lucky
to live to be old trees
chopped down
witnessing warmth

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FIRST NIGHT HOME – After “Secret spring released“ Claude McKay

Jan. × ’19

When you cry
I cannot help but smile
knowing we will figure this out
That sounds condescending
but I know this (this being you)
is more complicated than that (that being life)
Yet suddenly everything is so simple
How can it be that you just knew
how to move out of my womb
descend through
travel towards by breast
and that my body
knew you too
I listen [...]

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