23rdJan. × ’16

Tempt me temper tantrum
take me to the place
where I am allowed
to scream and shout
all day long
let it all out

no space for gray
no control
no reality beholden to
but not alone

Some things are not meant to be
untangled broken headphones
necklaces of lost love’s
nightstands cluttered
Could’ve would’ve should’ve
been past tense of well
that was then

Some things can be untangled
Rubik’s cubes puzzles
the note that might mean
letters that together could be
space in conversation that would be

but then it would no longer pull
siren sounds in the distance
allure allure

If you could take energy
and add plus
deconstruct reapply reconnoiter trust

Would you play with me?
Would I play with you?

Do you wonder about these things too?

If you throw a fit
and no one sees
did it happen?

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