12thMar. × ’08

“Individuals have the ability to transform dominant discourses for libratory purposes.” – Lisa Delpit

We ask students
to become literate
in the discourse of their oppression
and scream when they will not

Rational, we remind ourselves
we are rational,
so we must scream
of frustration, not fury

at the need for a language
unknown, no dictionaries
to describe how we might communicate
amidst this messed
socialist experiment.
Test tubed children
as controls, teasing who might make it
to meaningful places
above others.

Success for all mantras along
as long as one is suspended between stairs
climbing somewhere
necessitating lost tracks
of before and after.

Can I arm you to do more
than scramble through clouds
on landscapes unmoving,
spiraling space allegiant to
burning sun?

Even buds compete for sun.
(So it is.)

But buds still come
towards spring –
inching along.

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