Things That Happened Before 8:00 AM

11thJan. × ’17

A fight on the subway
over stepping on each other’s shoes
Bystanders staring agape
Me shouting

This is not happening

Sounds of a child sobbing
in the stairwell
Just told her uncle needs a liver transplant
and there are insufficient funds to act

What is she to do?

Can I
operate in this rigamarole?
Can I
melt into a soup of words
and not make sense

for a little longer?

Like concrete building blocks
to build a dome
There is a way

but why not a garden?

I wake up and up and up
to here again
in the confines
of the right angles
deemed at 90
Said who?

And when did I stop asking?
When did the spreadsheets start to make more sense?

Filling the spaces of a crossword puzzle
guarantees nothing
and yet
we concede

If not this what then?

Take nothing to scale
Live here
Tell each person you care
Say it matters
when it does

Sense is not meant to be made
Sense is the feeling
when the walls fall away
and you can see a horizon
in a dream you’re having
and there is no danger of waking up
or considering this parameter or that

If Heisenberg had not yet been discovered
and nothing were related
We would be in a field
and do the right thing
Adpot that child
Save those pennies
Hold the hope
of the child in front of us

A petaled daisy
before wind

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